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Cajun Restaurants (mostly in Lafayette)

Well, maybe they are just restaurants that serve Cajun food.  

Anyway, there are a few things to know if you aren't from here.  First, there are some real, live no-foolin' Cajun restaurants run by Cajuns who have Cajuns back in the kitchen (well, maybe a few folks from South America back there, too, these days).  Now, that's a real Cajun restaurant.  Then there are restaurants that specialize in various different things that are native to Cajun Country....  boiled crawfish restaurants such as Crawfish Town USA or The Boiling Point, and fried seafood places like Soop's in Maurice, Don's Seafood Hut or Fezzo's in Scott.  Then there are the oyster-on-the-half-shell types of places like Shucks in Abbeville.  And, as you would think, all of them sort of sell all of the stuff, with differing emphasis on the different items.  Want to go a bit more upscale?  Don's Seafood and Steak House in downtown Lafayette.  Even more upscale?  The Blue Dog.  Want high end?  Charley G's Seafood Grill.  Both in Lafayette.

Pretty much every type of restaurant in Cajun Country is influenced by Cajun Cooking, even when the food isn't really Cajun....  Coyote Blues is a prime example.  I haven't tried it, but I understand there is a Crawfish and Shrimp Burrito with Crab topping.  La-Tex-Mex?  Despite all that, it's Southwest cuisine that any self-respecting Cajun would be perfectly comfortable with.

There are dozens of places that I could mention and you'd think you'd died and gone to Heaven....  Prejean's, Dwight's, Cafe Vermillionville, Cafe des Ami (Breaux Bridge), Catahoula (Grand Coteau), Randol's, etc. 

But, then the most popular restaurant in Cajun Country since the 1950's is a Tex-Mex place....  LaFonda on Johnston Street in Lafayette....   There's even a book about the place.  

Figuring out this Cajun stuff can be tough, let me tell you.


(I might also mention that Lafayette has quite a number of quirky little non-Cajun places that are ridiculously popular here.... at the pinnacle of those is The Judice Inn.  I can't explain it.  It's a burger place.  Put on a pair of jeans if you go.  Don't expect to find any catsup.  As I said, I can't explain it.  Then there is The Noodle House.  It's sort of what it says it is.  Tablecloths. Crowded tables.  No liquor license, so take your own wine.  In fact, that's part of "the thing" about TNH....  you take your own wine.)


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