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Notice, Warning and Apology all rolled up in one:

OK, OK, OK....  This website is a sloppy, halfway measure.  Incomplete.  Imperfect.  We know.  We put it up to help gauge what would be required to do a good one, as a design aid, and sort of as a place holder.  The Good One is under construction as we speak and won't look anything at all like this.  It, of course, will take twice as long as we have planned, because that's the way things seem to work out.  But, please cut us a tiny bit of slack if you have it in your heart, and we'll be back with a bang-up product!

bulletWhat, Where, Who, Why?  What's Cajun, anyway?  And, exactly where is it?  What's the deal, huh?
bulletNews from Cajun Country....  Rat now!
bulletMusic?  Well, you know....  Cajun.  And more.... Zydeco, of course.  But then, Swamp Pop, Louisiana Blues and....
bulletEveryone, everywhere, knows about Cajun Food.  Here's Cajun Food, by Cajuns, in the Heart of Cajun Country!
bulletFestivals.  Dozens of them.  All year long.
bulletMardi Gras.  If you aren't from here, it's not what you think.  Really.
bulletSports.  Ragin' Cajuns, Tigers, Cowboys, Colonels
bulletForums.  Where you been?  What you up to?  What you think?
bulletBusiness....  Down here.
bulletNew Orleans?  What about New Orleans?

BTW, if you've got any constructive comments or suggestions (you know, like, polite suggestions <g>) please send them to us at contact@CajunCountry.Com...  and thanks!!

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